Camp Adventure Campers Make it in the Newspaper!

Last Thursday, Arizona Daily Star photographer Benjie Sanders came to Camp Adventure to take pictures of our campers in action. The pictures were in this Thursday’s — July 4, 2013 — East Side and Foothills section of the Star. One of the pictures even made the cover page, taking up most of the cover! Several pictures were inside as well for a great picture story.

We are excited to see Camp Adventure campers in the newspaper. Below, check out the pictures that appeared in the newspaper and on the newspaper’s website at

Want Adventure? Camp’s Got It!

From left, Emily, Dakota and Ema disassemble a computer to find some other use for the components as part of Tucson Country Day School’s Camp Adventure. The activity was included in a week of activities that also featured building a rock garden and cultural activities at the school. The week culminated with a family potluck Friday.
Campers collected and painted rocks that went into “Art in the Heart: A Desert Rock Garden,” one of the week’s main activities.
Jesse laughs it up as he tries to outrun pursuers hoping to capture his flag during a game at the camp.
A camper gets ready to shoot an arrow during archery.
Bob is locked in and concentrating on painting a “rock flower” that will eventually go into Tucson Country Day School’s “Art in the Heart: A Desert Rock Garden.” Kids spent a week at Camp Adventure working on the art project and exploring different cultures.